5G wifi packages for home users

Why have 4G when you can have 5G

5G Home lite

Choose this package if your on facebook or ebay all day but don't use streaming services
No BT phone line require. This package has a 10Gb a day allowance.
Installation includes new wifi box and roof mounted aerial £150.00
May not be suitable for streaming but is ideal if you want internet access on a budget.

5G Home

Our standard package for surfing the net with up to 30Mb download speeds.
No BT phone line require. No usage limits.
Installation includes home router and roof mounted wifi aerial £150.00
May not be suitable for Netflix ultra hd.

5G Home Max

Addicted to youtube? then this is your package.
Our top package for home users with up to 60Mb download speeds and unlimited download allowance. Great if all the family use the internet at the same time. No phone line required as we fit an aerial on your roof.

Ubiquiti aircube AC

Order the Ubiquiti aircube AC

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